how to make elephant toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste is a popular science experiment that demonstrates chemical reactions and produces foam. It’s a simple experiment that only requires a few household ingredients, and it’s always a hit with kids! In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own elephant toothpaste.

What is elephant toothpaste?

Elephant toothpaste is a foamy substance that is made by combining hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). When these two ingredients are mixed together, they create a chemical reaction that causes the mixture to foam up. The foam is created by the oxygen gas that is produced when the hydrogen peroxide breaks down.

This foamy substance can be used for a variety of things, including cleaning teeth and making elephant-themed crafts. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make your own elephant toothpaste, read on!

The science behind elephant toothpaste

When you mix hydrogen peroxide and yeast, the result is a foamy, frothy substance that looks a lot like toothpaste! This “elephant toothpaste” is actually a chemical reaction known as an oxidation-reduction reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide is a molecule that contains two oxygen atoms bonded together. When this molecule comes into contact with certain enzymes, one of the oxygen atoms is transferred to another molecule. In the case of elephant toothpaste, that other molecule is yeast.

Yeast is a single-celled organism that contains enzymes that can break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas. When yeast and hydrogen peroxide are mixed together in the right proportions, the reaction between them produces a lot of foam!

The foam produced by this reaction is mostly made up of tiny bubbles of oxygen gas. As the bubbles rise to the surface of the mixture, they push all of the liquid out of the way, creating the frothy, toothpaste-like substance we know as elephant toothpaste.

How to make elephant toothpaste

Making elephant toothpaste is a fun science experiment that you can do at home with your kids! All you need is some hydrogen peroxide, a little bit of dish soap, and some yeast.

First, mix together the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in a bowl. Then, add the yeast and stir until it is fully dissolved.

Next, place the mixture in a bottle or container with a wide opening. You will need to be careful as the mixture will foam up and expand as it reacts.

Finally, stand back and watch as your elephant toothpaste foams up and grows! You can even add food coloring to the mixture to make it even more fun.

Elephant toothpaste recipes

Elephant toothpaste is a foamy substance created by the chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide. It is often used in science demonstrations to show the power of exothermic reactions.

There are many recipes for elephant toothpaste, but they all generally follow the same proportions: 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts potassium iodide. Some recipes also call for the addition of soap, which helps to create more stable foam.

To make your own elephant toothpaste, simply mix together hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide in a container. If you want to add soap, mix in a small amount of liquid soap until desired consistency is reached. When you’re ready to create the reaction, pour the mixture into a funnel placed over a bowl. Be sure to stand back, as the reaction will create a large amount of foam!


While elephant toothpaste may seem like a complicated science experiment, it’s actually quite simple to make at home. All you need are a few household ingredients and some patience while the mixture foams up. Once you’ve made your elephant toothpaste, be sure to have fun with it by adding different color food dyes or scents. And don’t forget to clean up afterwards — this activity can get pretty messy!

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