Small Hack for getting more traffic through SEO

There have been different ways to attract more traffic to your website. But in the end, all matters is to know what is the current approach.

Lets’s not waste more of the time and see the hack to get ahead to your competitors.

Before you get this hack implemented to your site, you need to understand how the Google algorithm works for SERP results. The ever-changing algorithm of Google has made a bit easy way to observe what are the parameters to be considered while going doing SEO of your website.

Adding a FAQ section or Q&A page to your website with schema is the trick, we were talking about. Google can quickly assess frequently asked questions and get your results rank in SERP. Not only it provides productive results, but it does help you to get the right kind of audience you are looking for.

Do remember to include every text of questions in your answer as this will make help Google know what the content is all about.

Next question that pop-ups are to understand how to add schema.

JSON-LD is one of the widely used schema technique which is recommended by Google itself. One can easily modify the codes as per the niche of their website and get implemented to the header of the file.

After implementing code, the next step that one has to follow is to get it updated on the search console. This step will help google bot to crawl your page and get it indexed. This small hack will not only generate traffic of your niche in a short period, but it improves your SERP rank.

SEO ways have been a proven method for getting organic traffic, but certain small things need to look after to be differentiated from the competitors.

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